Shuttle Time for Teacher, Samtse HSS & Peljoring HSS

At the Samtse district from 27th to 28th August 2022, Mr. Dorji and Mr. Norbu Dradhul simultaneously conducted a course called Shuttle Time for Teachers. The Federation held two Shuttle Time for Teacher courses at Samtse High School with 26 Teachers (9 female and 17 male) from 12 different schools and Peljoring High School with 25 Teachers (5 female and 20 male) from 8 different schools due to the high demand of interested candidates in badminton in the Samtse district.

The participants said that this was their first time taking the course, that they now knew more about badminton, and that they felt capable of organizing shuttle activities for their kids in the community and schools that were both safe and pleasant.

After the course the participants are eager to plan and deliver activities in the school and support Bhutan Badminton Federation in making badminton as popular sport in their school.