Seminar on IAMBadminton, GFT, Safe Sport, Olympic movement & Anti-Doping

As part of the winter training, the athletes attended a variety of seminars organized by the Bhutan Badminton Federation (BBF) today.
Coach Norbu Dradhul advocated for the “iambdminton” campaign during the morning session.

The BWF’s worldwide integrity campaign, “I am badminton” was launched at the 2015 BWF World Junior Championships.
Players are at the center of this campaign because they have the right to compete in a clean and fair environment. Players may demonstrate their love and respect for badminton through the “i am badminton” campaign. Players can do this by adhering to a code of conduct that is both clean and honest. Players, coaches, technical officials, and administrators are all working together to defend our sport from dangers such as doping, match fixing, illicit betting, and corruption.

This campaign is aimed at the vast majority of athletes that are happy to compete in a fair and honest manner. The “I Am Badminton” campaign allows players to proudly proclaim: “I am clean, I am honest, and I am badminton.”

Coach Norbu continued with the second part of the seminar, the General Fitness Test (GFT).
The Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) launched the Global Fitness Test (GFT) on October 25, 2021, as a standardized platform for evaluating athletes’ general fitness levels. GFT determines an athlete’s overall fitness while also allowing them to focus on areas that need to be improved.

Mr. Dechen Lhundup, BBF’s Development Manager, spoke about the Safe Sports movement during the afternoon session. Safe Sport is a supportive and healthy environment in which athletes may train and compete; an atmosphere that is respectful, equal, and free of all sorts of harassment and abuse.

Athletes were made aware of their rights and encouraged to band together to combat all sorts of harassment and abuse in sports.

The Development Manager went on to share the Olympic Movement, including when it began, how it got started, the purpose of the Olympic games, and so on.

It is also essential for athletes of all sports to advocate for anti-doping. Mr. Nima Gyeltshen, Director of the Bhutan Anti Doping Committee, was invited to speak on the “Introduction to Anti Doping Program” at a BBF session. He told several interesting stories on the effects of drug use. He instilled in the youth the belief that as athletes, they must constantly strive to attain their goals in a clean and fair manner.
BBF would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Nima Gyeltshen for taking the time to speak with the athletes and inspire them to make the right decisions, not to take the easy way out, and, of course, not to indulge in drugs.