Olympic Solidarity and Bhutan Olympic Committee Rally Behind Coach’s Success

Mr. Norbu Dradhul has etched his name in history as the first individual from Bhutan to attend and successfully complete the renowned National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in Montreal, Canada. The training has been supported by the Olympic Solidarity and the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC), this milestone will be set to reform the nation’s sports science landscape, providing athletes with a systematic pathway to unlock their full potential.

Prior to his face-to-face training in Canada, Mr. Norbu Dradhul completed the online request in Phase 1 of the NCCP through an online format from 4th November 2022 to 2nd May 2023, he tirelessly devoted himself to the virtual coursework, laying the groundwork for his future success in the Sports Science course.

The NCCP, offered by the Coaching Association of Canada, is widely recognized for its comprehensive curriculum that equips coaches with cutting-edge methodologies and a systematic approach to athlete development. By successfully completing this prestigious program, Mr. Norbu Dradhul has showcased his commitment to elevating badminton sports.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the course, Mr. Dradhul remarked, “It is an honor to be the first Bhutanese to attend the NCCP training in Canada. The knowledge I have gained through this program will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of sports in our nation and enable our athletes to compete at the global level.”

The completion of the Sports Science course by Mr. Norbu Dradhul marks a turning point in Bhutan’s sports development efforts. With newfound expertise in sports science and coaching methodologies, he is now ready to make a significant impact on the growth and success of athletes across various disciplines in the country. “The support from the Olympic Solidarity and the Bhutan Olympic Committee has been invaluable in my pursuit of knowledge and excellence in coaching,” Mr. Dradhul added. “I am committed to using this knowledge to nurture and empower our athletes, ensuring they reach their full potential.”