Improve Your Badminton Game with Winter Coaching in Thimphu

Day 2 of Winter badminton coaching started at the Bebena Badminton Hall with 26 participants. This program aims to introduce the sport to those who have never played before and to help them develop their skills.

The coaching sessions will be led by an experienced coach, Mr. Norbu Dradhul, who have a wealth of knowledge in the sport. The coach will cover all the basics, from how to hold the racket, to basic strokes and footwork and also provide tips on how to improve technique and strategy.

In addition to technical training, the participants will also be introduced to game play, allowing them to put their new skills into practice. This will help them understand the rules of the game and develop their tactical abilities.

The winter coaching program will take place over the next seven days, with sessions being held every morning from 11AM to 1PM.

This program will also provide a supportive and encouraging environment for participants to develop their skills and gain confidence in the sport.

In conclusion, the Winter Badminton Coaching, second batch at Thimphu is a great opportunity for individuals to learn a new sport and improve their skills. With experienced coaches, individual attention, and a supportive environment, participants are sure to make progress and have a lot of fun along the way.