Fun and Learning: Last Day of Winter Badminton Coaching Brings Together Young Athletes

The winter badminton coaching sessions has come to an end for kids aged 9 to 17. The program, which ran for 9 days, was a huge success, with 26 young and enthusiastic participants taking part. On the final day of the sessions, the participants were engaged to a mini tournament and the coaches had the opportunity to identify any potential players.

The mini tournament was a conducted for the kids’ achievements and a chance for them to show off their newfound skills. They competed against each other mixed with sub-juniors players in a series of exciting and close-fought matches, demonstrating the techniques they had learned during the coaching sessions. The tournament was a great success, with the kids displaying a fantastic level of skill and sportsmanship.

While the tournament was a highlight of the day, the coaches were also focused on identifying potential players. They observed the kids performance and took note of their strengths and weaknesses, with an eye towards helping them reach their full potential as badminton players. Coaches also offered constructive feedback and words of encouragement, helping the kids to build their confidence and continue to grow as athletes.

In addition to the tournament and the player evaluations, the last day of the closing ceremony was led by Mr. Vikash Gurung, Development Manager (DM), where the kids received certificates and awards for their participation and achievements. DM share his wisdom of encouragement and praise for the kids’ hard work and dedication, and to thank them for making the program such a success.

Overall, the winter badminton coaching sessions for kids were a fantastic experience for all involved. The kids learned new skills, made new friends, and developed a passion for the sport that they will carry with them for many years to come. The federation are already looking forward to the next season and to helping even more kids discover the joys of badminton.