From Adversity to Triumph: Cheyang’s Journey to the Stars

In the heart of Bhutan, amidst the tranquil valleys and majestic mountains, resides a beacon of inspiration – Cheyang Kinchap, a spirited young soul from the humble village of Warmrong in Trashigang. It is here that the remarkable story of Cheyang unfolds—a tale of courage, resilience, and indomitable spirit that lies within each of us.

Cheyang’s journey began when the Bhutan Badminton Federation recognized his untapped potential as a para-badminton player. Born with a differently-abled leg, he faced challenges that could have easily dimmed his spirit. But with unwavering determination and the support of his loving parents, who work as farmer and caretaker, Cheyang embarked on a path few dare to walk.

While he was enrolled in the Draktsho Vocational Training Centre for Special Children & Youth, Cheyang found solace in sports. His love for basketball, volleyball, and dancing knew no bounds. Despite the odds stacked against him, his joyful smile radiated strength and enthusiasm, igniting a fire within him to conquer every hurdle that came his way.

With the collaborative efforts of the Bhutan Paralympic Committee, his parents , the compassionate gesture of Gesarling Central School and Draktsho Vocational Training Centre for Special Children & Youth, Cheyang’s journey took a transformative turn. Admitted in class PP, he found not just an educational institution but a nurturing environment that believed in his dreams.

As Cheyang prepares for the Asian Youth Para Games in Uzbekistan 2025, next year, his story epitomizes the theme – “Everyone is a star and deserves to twinkle.” His journey is not just about winning medals but about illuminating the path for others who dare to dream against all odds.

His friends from Draktsho describe him as a jolly fellow, always ready to explore new horizons with boundless passion. Rather than seeing his differently-abled leg as a setback, Cheyang embraces it as a distinct advantage, allowing him to approach life and sports from his own perspective. For him, it’s not just a physical difference, but a unique opportunity to carve out a path in the world of sports with resilience and a fresh outlook on challenges.

With every stride he takes on the badminton court, Cheyang embodies the spirit of resilience and perseverance. His journey is a reminder that no obstacle is insurmountable and that with the right support and determination, we can all shine bright like stars in the night sky.As we celebrate Cheyang’s journey – a journey of hope, courage, and triumph. Together, let’s champion the spirit of inclusivity and empower every individual to unleash their full potential, because indeed, everyone is a star and deserves to twinkle.