Creating Culture of Safe Sport

Day 10: Safeguarding Officer, Madam Tshering and Mr. Umang, conducted a seminar to introduce and raise awareness about the importance of creating a safe and positive environment in sports. The seminar was attended by the athletes and coach.

During the seminar, the Safeguarding Officer emphasized the importance of educating all athletes about the signs of abuse, the importance of reporting abuse, and the procedures for reporting abuse. They stressed that creating a culture of respect and inclusion in sports is vital to ensuring that all athletes feel valued and respected.

In addition to raising awareness, the seminar also discussed the importance of reporting and managing complaints in a timely and effective manner. The Safeguarding Officer emphasized that all organizations should have clear and accessible procedures for reporting abuse, and should respond promptly and effectively to reports of abuse. This includes conducting a thorough investigation, taking appropriate action to protect the athlete, and keeping the athlete informed throughout the process.

The seminar also highlighted the importance of travel guidelines for athletes. Safeguarding Officer discussed the need for policies to protect athletes while they are traveling, including guidelines for appropriate accommodations, communication protocols and so on. This includes ensuring that athletes are not placed in potentially risky or unsafe situations, and that there are clear procedures in place for addressing any issues that may arise.

Overall, the seminar was a valuable opportunity for the athletes during Advance Winter Training to come together and learn about the importance of safe sport. Madam Tshering and Mr. Umang emphasis on education, inclusion, and effective reporting and management of complaints which will help to ensure that all athletes have the opportunity to participate in sports in a safe and positive environment.