Community Comes Together for Successful Badminton Tournament

The weekend of August 5th and 6th, 2023, witnessed a fantastic badminton tournament that brought people together in the name of sportsmanship and inclusivity. Thanks to the generous sponsor Mr. Mon Bdr Tiwari, the owner of Brother Optical, the event was a huge success. His generous contribution of Nu. 51,000 played a vital role in making the tournament happen and ensured that everything went smoothly.

A total of 38 players participated in the tournament, with 30 being male and 8 females. This mini tournament aims to break down barriers and inspire more women to take up the sport, creating a more diverse and vibrant badminton community.

The tournament had a bigger goal beyond just competition. It aimed to introduce badminton to recreational players and enthusiasts of all skill levels. This aligns with the Federation vision to keep the badminton community active and engaged, regardless of age or skill level.

The impact of the tournament extended to the younger generation as well. It aimed to spark an interest in young children to pick up badminton as a fun activity and perhaps even a serious pursuit in the future. By providing a platform for young players to experience a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, the mini tournament to plant the seeds of enthusiasm that could grow into lifelong passions.

Bhutan Badminton Federation would like to express gratitude to Mr. Mon Bdr Tiwari for his unwavering support and dedication to badminton. His sponsorship not only made the event possible but also embodied the spirit of community involvement and collaboration that lies at the core of such initiatives.