Coaches Enhance Skills through BWF Level 1 Coaching Course

Badminton World Federation (BWF) Level 1 coaching course is being conducted by two renowned experts, Mr. Nikhal, Badminton Asia Development Officer, Ms. Frances, BWF Level 1 Tutor, and Mr. Dorji BWF Level 1 Tutor. The coaching course is supported by the Bhutan Olympic Committee through a grant from the Olympics, and aims to equip 21 Bhutanese coaches, including 9 females and 12 males.

The training program incorporates various aspects of coaching, enabling the participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to train, what to train, and when to train their players. The course aims to enhance the coaches’ skills in developing effective lesson plans and imparting the necessary badminton techniques to their players.

Moreover, the training goes beyond the technical aspects of the badminton sport, with participants engaging in discussions and activities related to psychological, lifestyle, and physical preparations. Understanding the holistic nature of badminton coaching, the course aims to equip the coaches with the knowledge to support their players in all aspects of their development, both on and off the court.

The Bhutan Olympic Committee’s support for this training initiative demonstrates its commitment to the growth and development of badminton in the country. The grant provided by the Olympics has made it possible for the participants to receive high-quality training and gain exposure to international coaching standards.

The course, which has been highly engaging and interactive, will conclude on June 30th, 2023. The participants will undergo assessments to evaluate their understanding and implementation of the coaching principles taught during the training. Upon successful completion, they will receive BWF Level 1 coaching certificates, recognizing their dedication and commitment to furthering the sport in Bhutan.

With their newfound knowledge and skills, Bhutanese coaches are expected to contribute significantly to the growth of badminton at various levels, including grassroots development and talent identification. The BWF Level 1 coaching course has not only expanded their coaching capabilities but has also empowered them to inspire and nurture future badminton stars in Bhutan.