BBF appoints new Development Manager

Bhutan Badminton Federation (BBF) welcomed a new Development Manager (DM), Mr. Bikash Gurung. The appointment of this new DM is aimed at increasing the popularity and competitiveness of badminton in Bhutan.

The new DM is expected to play a key role in the organization’s efforts to identify young talent, develop infrastructure and build a strong network of clubs and players in Bhutan.

Under the guidance of the new DM, BBF is poised to take its badminton development programs to new heights and provide the necessary support to help Bhutan’s badminton players reach their full potential. The manager’s expertise and passion for the sport are sure to make a positive impact on the future of badminton in Bhutan.

The federation is committed to providing all the resources necessary to help the new manager succeed and make a lasting impact on Bhutan’s badminton community.

 In conclusion, a new chapter in the growth and development of badminton in Bhutan has begun with the appointment of the new DM at the Bhutan Badminton Federation. The BBF looks forward to collaborate closely with the new DM to carry out mission and development of badminton in Bhutan.