Anish Gurung and Jimba Sangay Lhendup have participated in the prestigious Badminton Asia Championships 2024 held from April 9th to 14th.

Anish, competing in both the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles events, faced tough matches in the league format of the championships. In the Men’s Singles, he first encountered a player from Saudi Arabia and lost with scores of 8-21 and 11-21. His second match, played against a player from Brunei Darussalam also ended in defeat, with the score of 12-21 and 14-21.

In the Men’s Doubles, Anish teamed up with Jimba, where they continued to face stiff competition. Their first match against a pair from Macau China, resulted in a loss of 8-21 and 11-21. Second match compete against player from Vietnam, where they were defeated with scores of 8-21 and 4-21.

Anish and Jimba’s journey at the championship has come to an end, the experience and exposure gained from competing against some of Asia’s top badminton talents are invaluable. Both players have expressed their determination to learn from this experience and to continue improving their skills in future tournaments.