BADC conducts informative presentation for badminton federation athletes

Today at Federation conference hall at Bebena, Thimphu – Bhutan Anti-Doping Committee (BADC) conducted a presentation to the athletes of the Bhutan Badminton Federation (BBF) to educate them on the dangers and consequences of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). The presentation was led by Mr. Nima Gyeltshen, Director of BADC, and was attended by athletes and coaches from the BBF.

The presentation covered a wide range of topics, including the types of PEDs that are commonly used, the potential health risks associated with their use, and the strict penalties that can be imposed on athletes who are caught using PEDs. Mr. Gyeltshen also emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and fair sport, and encouraged the athletes to speak up if they suspect any of their teammates or competitors of using PEDs.

“It is important for our athletes to understand the dangers of using PEDs and the importance of maintaining a level playing field,” said Mr. Gyeltshen. “We want to ensure that our athletes are aware of the risks and are able to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.”

The presentation was well-received by the athletes, who appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the issue and gain a better understanding of the risks associated with PED use.

“I think the presentation was very informative and helpful,” said Tashi Norbu, player. “It’s important for us to know the risks and consequences of using PEDs so that we can make the right decisions and making sure playing field is in fair manner.”

Another player, Phuntsho Dema, said “As an athlete, maintaining a clean and fair sport is of dominant importance to me. The presentation by Mr. Nima Gyeltshen helped me understand the dangers of PEDs and the importance of staying away from them. I will make sure to follow the guidelines and stay away from prohibited substances.”

“I found the presentation to be very informative and eye-opening,” said badminton player, Kinga Tshering. “I had no idea about the extent of the problem and the serious consequences that come with using PEDs. It’s important for us as athletes to know and understand this information in order to make the right choices.”

Another player, Sonam Phuntsho Tsheten said “As an athlete, I am always looking for ways to improve my performance, but I never realized the harm that PEDs can cause. After this presentation, I am more aware of the dangers and will make sure to stay away from prohibited substances.”

The BBF also praised the presentation and expressed their commitment to promoting clean and fair sport.

“We fully support the efforts of BADC to educate our athletes on the dangers of PEDs,” said Norbu Dradhul (Coach) “We are committed to promoting clean and fair sport, and we believe that the awareness about doping by Mr. Gyeltshen is in the right direction.”

The BADC plans to conduct similar presentations for other sports organizations in Bhutan in order to raise awareness and promote clean sport in the country.